Fitness Tracker
I have been wearing a fitness tracker for a while now and have noticed that the resting heart rate can lower remarkably during a period of meditation.   This morning I also noted, via the tracker, that an hour of sitting meditation with a combination of physical stillness and lowered pulse rate […]

Fitness trackers and meditation ;-)

So as we end 2017 (or 2561 BE [Buddhist Era] ) it is time to review progress on the path.  Generally, it has been a bumpy ride. Understanding We have grok’d alot.   I use this word (thanks Heinlein) as it is one thing to understand something at the “intellectual” level and […]

Year in Review (and Happy New Year)

So we are talking about friendliness (metta) thus meta-friendliness (see what i did there?). A common saying amongst those that practice seems to be “Sabbe sattā sukhi hontu”  meant as  “May all beings be well (or happy)”.  And usually translated as: Sabbe = all Sattā  = beings Sukhi = happy Hontu = […]


Whilst working here in Ottawa I wondered if there were any Theravadans in town and google came up with Ottawa Buddhist Vihara this was a convenient distance from my hotel so after the conference on Friday I walked down to have a look. By first inspection it looked closed however […]

When in Ottawa