Hush Now (Stillness)

Even in the quietest moments…
The peace that passes all understanding…
Be still my beating heart.


During a retreat, the advice largely given to a range of student questions ranged from “No thinking” to “have a banana”. This was cause for my daughter to quip when asked: “where is your father?” with; “follow the smell of bananas and thoughtlessness. It was not until the 10th day of that retreat that I actually understood the “no thinking” advice applied to the constant internal dialogue (the committee – Ven. Thanarisso has words on this) and I finally let go into the silence of now and the peace that comes from that release.

Looking around today I see people filling that precious silence with radio/tv/media and talking (without listening). There is power in the silent, still now and even at the mundane level it reduces stress and gives pause for more intuition and wisdom.

So occasionally, catch yourself in the moment, grounded in the body (there is body – ‘Atthi kāyo’ti ), feel the breath, let go of thought there be right here, now!

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