Here are a few of my favourite links:


Link Description  
What the buddha said (in plain English) A site with lots of reference material devoted to Early Buddhism compiled by Ven Bhikkhu Samahita (also many excellent Dhamma on air videos).
Bhante Samahita took his own life in October 2019 so this site is no longer updated.
 Dhamma Talks  This site offers an extensive collection of English translations of suttas from the Pāli Canon, as well as a multitude of free downloads of Dhamma from the Kammatthana (or Thai Forest) Tradition of Buddhism. Thanissaro Bhikkhu is the main author.  
BSWA teachings The Buddhist Society of Western Australia’s collection of Dhamma teachings.  
Audio Talks – Mainly Theravadan   Amaravati talks  :  Amaravati is a Theravada Buddhist monastery in south-east England inspired by the Thai Forest Tradition and the teachings of the late Ajahn Chah.


 Buddhist Society of Western Australia : Dharma talks from the tradition of Buddhist meditation master Ajahn Brahm and Australian Forest Sangha of monks and nuns presented by the Buddhist Society of Western Australia

 Zen Mountain Monastery :  Audio talks from the Zen viewpoint

Bhikkhu Samahita (sound cloud)  :    Early Buddhist teachings  (audio extracts from your tube videos) from Bhikkhu Samahita

Early Buddhist texts, translations, and parallels.
SuttaCentral is for anyone who has an interest in Buddhism and wants to delve deeper into the scriptures of the earliest period.  Access to Insight (ATI) : Readings in Theravada Buddhism

 Piya Tan’s Sutta Discovery Series – some modern translation and commentary on the Suttas

worldbuddhist  radio The World Buddhist Radio broadcasts includes Teachings, Sutta readings, Chanting and Buddhist music.  
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