‘Buddhānussaṭi Gatha‘ for contemplation of the Buddha’s nine qualities (Nava Guna): Iti’ pi so bhagava araham sammasambuddho vijjacaranasampanno sugato lokavidu anuttaro purisadammasarathi sattha devamanussanam buddho bhagava’ti.  “Thus indeed is the Exalted One (1) an accomplished one, (2) a fully-enlightened one, (3) endowed with knowledge and good conduct, (4) well gone or […]

Iti Pi So

Under construction Introduction This is a short report of a 10 day Vipassana retreat attended recently. However, before we get onto the content, it’s worth noting that this was almost a comedy of errors. Originally I had hoped to go to Sri Lanka for an intensive 12 day Theravadan meditation […]

Eat, Sleep, Meditate (repeat/retreat)

  So we have read some Buddhism and clinging is bad, right?  Well, it can give rise to suffering, yeah?   Taking this further, desiring the goal (Nibbana) and seeking peace through clinging to the path, this is wrong too, huh?   It looks, on the surface, as if we […]

Clinging to the path

Medi-cat-tion Redux
The weather not being very suitable for outside mediation resulted in a nice dry, warm, sit in the lounge.   Naturally, after 20 minutes of Metta meditation, this attracted some attention 🙂 Not sure there was really room for this lump of catness but he was welcome all the same […]

Medi-cat-ion redux

So what motivates us to meditate.  Sometimes it feels like a chore?   It is vital to understand your motivation for this.    Is it a strategy for managing your stress or is this an element of practice on the path (this blog is about the long road?    ;-). […]


So we have reached a milestone.  Over a year of practice each and every day (even if just for a few minutes).   A few thigs learned on the way: Try and set a regular slot (first thing in the morning is ideal). Meditation is only a part of practice and […]

365 days and counting

Forest Meditation
This is where I chose to spend 30 minutes meditating today.  I had hoped to meet the girls out with the horses but missed them so took the opportunity to sit for a while.  Now I can see why there is a thriving forest tradition although the new forest is tamer than […]

Forest meditation