So what motivates us to meditate.  Sometimes it feels like a chore?   It is vital to understand your motivation for this.    Is it a strategy for managing your stress or is this an element of practice on the path (this blog is about the long road?    ;-).

Sometimes people can challenge your time in meditation too.   “It’s a selfish, self-centered activity!”   This brings to mind the Sedaka Sutta (The Acrobat) as it is important to protect yourself to protect others ( and vice versa). Therefore if your time on the mat improves your compassion, mindfulness, even-mindedness it has many benefits to the others you meet in your daily life.

There is also the issue of right effort (an element of the path) which is inextricably linked to the other path elements (see right).    Development of right view will lead to right effort/action etc…

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