365 days and counting

So we have reached a milestone.  Over a year of practice each and every day (even if just for a few minutes).   A few thigs learned on the way:

  • Try and set a regular slot (first thing in the morning is ideal).
  • Meditation is only a part of practice and only works well when combined with Sila ….. Panca Sila being the minimum 🙂
  • Avoid any confrontation/issues before you sit – resolve any outstanding problems first.
  • Understand the ten hindrances and how to deal with them.
  • Know there is no such thing as a bad/useless session – all time spent on the cushion all counts 🙂
  • Tools like insight timer really helps (also discovered my local sitting group through this)
  • Meditation and/or present moment awareness is a bit martini, i.e. it can be practiced anywhere, anytime!

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