Under construction Introduction This is a short report of a 10 day Vipassana retreat attended recently. However, before we get onto the content, it’s worth noting that this was almost a comedy of errors. Originally I had hoped to go to Sri Lanka for an intensive 12 day Theravadan meditation […]

Eat, Sleep, Meditate (repeat/retreat)

Fitness Tracker
I have been wearing a fitness tracker for a while now and have noticed that the resting heart rate can lower remarkably during a period of meditation.   This morning I also noted, via the tracker, that an hour of sitting meditation with a combination of physical stillness and lowered pulse rate […]

Fitness trackers and meditation ;-)

So as we end 2017 (or 2561 BE [Buddhist Era] ) it is time to review progress on the path.  Generally, it has been a bumpy ride. Understanding We have grok’d alot.   I use this word (thanks Heinlein) as it is one thing to understand something at the “intellectual” level and […]

Year in Review (and Happy New Year)

So we are talking about friendliness (metta) thus meta-friendliness (see what i did there?). A common saying amongst those that practice seems to be “Sabbe sattā sukhi hontu”  meant as  “May all beings be well (or happy)”.  And usually translated as: Sabbe = all Sattā  = beings Sukhi = happy Hontu = […]


Whilst working here in Ottawa I wondered if there were any Theravadans in town and google came up with Ottawa Buddhist Vihara this was a convenient distance from my hotel so after the conference on Friday I walked down to have a look. By first inspection it looked closed however […]

When in Ottawa

  So we have read some Buddhism and clinging is bad, right?  Well, it can give rise to suffering, yeah?   Taking this further, desiring the goal (Nibbana) and seeking peace through clinging to the path, this is wrong too, huh?   It looks, on the surface, as if we […]

Clinging to the path