Year in Review (and Happy New Year)

So as we end 2017 (or 2561 BE [Buddhist Era] ) it is time to review progress on the path.  Generally, it has been a bumpy ride.


We have grok’d alot.   I use this word (thanks Heinlein) as it is one thing to understand something at the “intellectual” level and quite another, after contemplation, to really comprehend and have insight into the true meaning of something.   The single-pointedness achieved in meditation makes the mind razor sharp to then dissect/contemplate concepts.  A few “things” grok’d:

  • The eightfold path is interrelated and all aspects are required and reinforce each other.   For example, meditation is much easier when morality (panca-sila – min 5 precepts are maintained).
  • The 5 precepts are not hard to maintain once started on the path, in fact, it becomes the natural thing to do.
  • A “good friend”, in the sense of the path, is very hard to find.
  • Online Sangha is a massive benefit of the internet for those to practice in isolation ( thanks to the Venerable Bhikkhu Samahita & Ajahn Brahm particularly ).
  • The path is for life(s) and not just for Christmas (24/7/365).


We have practised a bit (meditation).   It does actually help to use an App to log not only the time spent on the cushion/walking but also comments on how it went 🙂   I can highly recommend the insight timer available for most smart devices.    Whilst I select what is most appropriate at the time, generally this follows the pattern of paying respects to tri-Ratana and then breath meditation to calm and Metta (or sometimes asuba) – although this seems like tranquility practice, it does not exclude vipassana as contemplation on the three characteristics, 5 recollections and 4-fold truth of the nobles is noted.


Practice (click for large version)



I am starting to mind map the fundamentals of the meditation practice – this could take some time 😉

Breath Meditation

Breath Meditation (click for large)

Happy New Year

So wishing you all a very Happy New Year – may you be safe, may you find true happiness, may you be well.


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