Monthly archives: May 2017

So we have reached a milestone.  Over a year of practice each and every day (even if just for a few minutes).   A few thigs learned on the way: Try and set a regular slot (first thing in the morning is ideal). Meditation is only a part of practice and […]

365 days and counting

Forest Meditation
This is where I chose to spend 30 minutes meditating today.  I had hoped to meet the girls out with the horses but missed them so took the opportunity to sit for a while.  Now I can see why there is a thriving forest tradition although the new forest is tamer than […]

Forest meditation

  So a little light bedtime reading anyone.  I can highly recomend the mid-length suttas and dipping into the others but you need a roadmap 🙂 A lot of suttas, commentary and other material is available online – I will add a links page…

Light Reading