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So we are talking about friendliness (metta) thus meta-friendliness (see what i did there?). A common saying amongst those that practice seems to be “Sabbe sattā sukhi hontu”  meant as  “May all beings be well (or happy)”.  And usually translated as: Sabbe = all Sattā  = beings Sukhi = happy Hontu = […]


Whilst working here in Ottawa I wondered if there were any Theravadans in town and google came up with Ottawa Buddhist Vihara this was a convenient distance from my hotel so after the conference on Friday I walked down to have a look. By first inspection it looked closed however […]

When in Ottawa

  So we have read some Buddhism and clinging is bad, right?  Well, it can give rise to suffering, yeah?   Taking this further, desiring the goal (Nibbana) and seeking peace through clinging to the path, this is wrong too, huh?   It looks, on the surface, as if we […]

Clinging to the path

Yesterday, once more, I was struck by the suffering of impermanence, when I had to say goodbye to an old meditation companion seen in the photo.  This brought home some reality to two topics. Precept on Killing Since my feline (formally feral) mediation friend was put to sleep by the […]

Goodbye old friend – anicca once more

Medi-cat-tion Redux
The weather not being very suitable for outside mediation resulted in a nice dry, warm, sit in the lounge.   Naturally, after 20 minutes of Metta meditation, this attracted some attention 🙂 Not sure there was really room for this lump of catness but he was welcome all the same […]

Medi-cat-ion redux

Seat by the tree
So here we are again for an hour of peace and stillness in the garden under the usual tree.   When I say peaceful, that does exclude the frequent visits from curious feral cats that live here, our very much free range hens and two mini-ponies munching around the long grass […]

Sadness Part 1 – Enigmatic init