When in Ottawa

Whilst working here in Ottawa I wondered if there were any Theravadans in town and google came up with Ottawa Buddhist Vihara this was a convenient distance from my hotel so after the conference on Friday I walked down to have a look. By first inspection it looked closed however as I was reading their notices the door opened and a monk met me with a large smile and beckoned me in. It seemed that I had interrupted evening chanting and so this resumed with just me and three monks sitting in the room. Once chanting had finished we had a chat starting with pleasantries and turning to practice and a suggestion that I look at the Vammika Sutta (Ant Hill Simile) in the MN (this turns out to be a incredible compact statement of most of the doctrine). After paying my final respects to the Bhante (Thero) the monks insisted on a wristband and blessing and we parted amicably exchanging email addresses after I made a small offering (dāna). An interesting diversion from the weeks work 😉 And here is my quick sketch of that sutta? (click on the image for full size)


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