Iti Pi So

‘Buddhānussaṭi Gatha‘ for contemplation of the Buddha’s nine qualities (Nava Guna):

Iti’ pi so bhagava araham sammasambuddho vijjacaranasampanno sugato lokavidu anuttaro purisadammasarathi sattha devamanussanam buddho bhagava’ti. 

“Thus indeed is the Exalted One (1) an accomplished one, (2) a fully-enlightened one, (3) endowed with knowledge and good conduct, (4) well gone or gone to bliss, (5) a knower of the world(s), (6) an unsurpassed leader of persons to be trained, (7) a teacher of humans and devas, (8) the awakened or the one who knows, (9) the sublime or exalted.”

Iti Pi So – Spoken by the author

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