Eat, Sleep, Meditate (repeat/retreat)

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This is a short report of a 10 day Vipassana retreat attended recently. However, before we get onto the content, it’s worth noting that this was almost a comedy of errors. Originally I had hoped to go to Sri Lanka for an intensive 12 day Theravadan meditation course, however,this was cancelled a few weeks before. Despite having full inoculations/boosters and what I thought were non-refundable flights I managed to get a pretty much full refund. Some 23 years ago I attended a Vipassana course in the UK and checking the website that centre it turned out that there was a course in the middle of the time that would have spent abroad – kamma?

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Vipassana Support

Vipassana Support











Uddhaṃ, tiriyaṃ apācinaṃ,
yāvatā jagato gati
samavekkhitā va dhammānaṃ
khandhānaṃ udayabbayaṃ.
Above, across or back again,
wherever one goes in the world
let one carefully scrutinise
the rise and fall of compounded things.
Itivuttaka 4.111



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