Yesterday, once more, I was struck by the suffering of impermanence, when I had to say goodbye to an old meditation companion seen in the photo.  This brought home some reality to two topics. Precept on Killing Since my feline (formally feral) mediation friend was put to sleep by the […]

Goodbye old friend – anicca once more

Medi-cat-tion Redux
The weather not being very suitable for outside mediation resulted in a nice dry, warm, sit in the lounge.   Naturally, after 20 minutes of Metta meditation, this attracted some attention 🙂 Not sure there was really room for this lump of catness but he was welcome all the same […]

Medi-cat-ion redux

Forest Sunset
A loverly walk through the forest yesterday and managed to take this photo before the sun made its inevitable transition beyond the horizon.   A reminder that all things are transitory and clinging to the view that “things don’t change” gives rise to unsatisfactoriness i.e. wrong view as the antithesis […]

Sunset – or all conditioned phenomena are transitory

Seat by the tree
So here we are again for an hour of peace and stillness in the garden under the usual tree.   When I say peaceful, that does exclude the frequent visits from curious feral cats that live here, our very much free range hens and two mini-ponies munching around the long grass […]

Sadness Part 1 – Enigmatic init

Or in other words “it’s raining”. I have been so used, of late, of either rmeditating in the forest or under a large tree in the garden I had forgotten that “inside” is an option 😉  Finally today we have some long-awaited rain.   Unfair of me to blame anything […]

Tears of the Cāturmahārājikakāyika devas

Another trip to the forest to sit on a very hot day.  Scorchio in fact;  had to find some shade.  On the way, I found a bird by the wayside that looked like it may have been hit by a car.    This is a young crow and most people […]

Compassion arising on the way to the Forest

Meditation Panarama
Despite the lack of sleep ( 5:15am start) I managed 20 minutes on the mat first thing.  After a busy day, I checked into a hotel and set off for a few miles through the wonderful North Wilshire country-side.   After finding a nice quiet hill, I added another 30 minutes […]

It’s a bug’s life!

The local sitting group was having the usual post meditation cuppa and a chat and the subject of the ego fighting back when the mind calms and the grok of the concept of annata is close.   It seems the ego sees this as a threat and fights back either with […]

Me, myself and I

So what motivates us to meditate.  Sometimes it feels like a chore?   It is vital to understand your motivation for this.    Is it a strategy for managing your stress or is this an element of practice on the path (this blog is about the long road?    ;-). […]


So we have reached a milestone.  Over a year of practice each and every day (even if just for a few minutes).   A few thigs learned on the way: Try and set a regular slot (first thing in the morning is ideal). Meditation is only a part of practice and […]

365 days and counting